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Why Do I Write?

I do it for you, gorgeous girl. And I do it for me, too.

Why do I write?
Why do I do what I do?
I do it for you, gorgeous girl.
I want to make you feel happy.
I want to bring joy.
I want you to know that someone cares about you, and the fact that the someone is an amazing, gorgeous, sweet, caring, kind, considerate, protective, good looking guy with arms of steel and a six pack to die for who puts you first and is looking out just for you? Who’s fallen head over heels and would do anything for you? Who’d climb mountains and slay dragons and put his arm around you if another guy even blinked in your direction? Who’s tactile and dreamy with a little bit of bad boy tucked in his back pocket? Well, that’s just the way it it in my world! And seeing as I write first person, it’s your world too.(Never mind that he’s completely imaginary, he’s real in our hearts and that’s all that matters).
I want you to feel wrapped up and protected and loved. To feel supported, and listened to and understood. To know that there’s someone in your corner, who’s got your back, and will be there all the way to the bitter end, or the Happy Ever After. And we all know there’s going to be a HEA. But if it was a bitter end, they’d be there too.
To know that best friends can also be lovers, but they’ll always be best friends first. At least in my world. Which is your world too.
That’s why I write.
Because there’s twenty billion of those guys living inside my head and they all want their story told. They’re all looking for their special someone and it might just be you. But even if it’s not, if they’re not the one for you? You’re going to feel privileged just to know them. And they sure as hell are lucky to get to know you too.
Because that’s how they roll.
And they’re taking you (& me) along for the ride.
So know you know.
That’s why I do what I do.
That’s why I write.
I write for you.
And I write for me, too.

Tess x

You can meet one of those gorgeous guys, Cole, in Not Quite Perfect, the latest book is my Sweet #Challenge High series. You’re going to love him x

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