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Wholesome Hearts series – a new look!

A new look for this sweet YA romance series

Wholesome Hearts is a series of sweet Young Adult romance books which centre around a group of teenagers from a beachside town in Australia.

Originally it was called the ‘Sweet #Challenge High’ series, as a nod to the challenge Cassie faces from her mother in the first book, Just Say Yes. But now book two, Not Quite Perfect, is out, and The Full Story is almost done. Sidenote – it pushed it’s way in… it wasn’t supposed to be next but Jasmine and Eli couldn’t wait for their story to be told!

And next up is Sam’s book More Than This – so it was time for a rethink of the series name. Wholesome Hearts came to me after a conversation with one of my readers and I think it really suits these books.

And with a new series name comes new covers, of course!

I reimagined the whole concept. The original covers featured only the heroine, as the books are all told from her point of view. But at their heart these are romances. And romances are about two people  – so now we get to see the cute couples on the covers. I absolutely adore them! What do you think? You can see them on the books page of my website. Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And now it’s CONFESSION time… do you know – I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the name of the beachside town these guys call home! So I’m going to hold a competition to name this sleepy little place. It’s big enough to have two high schools and a shopping centre, but not big enough for it’s own airport. The beaches are amazing. Golden sands, killer surf, headland walks and, of course, the boardwalk along the beachfront right through the main part of town. It’s a thriving community with lots of small businesses and a social network that sees news travel fast. No getting away with anything in this town, as Tori discovers in Not Quite Perfect!

There will be prizes! You’ll get naming rights for Sam’s awesome dog in the next book in this series if I pick the name you come up with. Who wouldn’t want that?! (If you don’t want that we can negotiate for books :)).

And if, by chance, I have actually named this mystical town and forgotten (eek) – let me know the chapter and page and I’ll send you a signed paperback of each book with the new covers once they’re ready.

Just Say Yes and Not Quite Perfect are available on Amazon now and I’ll be releasing them on the other platforms in the next few weeks so keep an eye out if you’re not a Kindle reader.

Until next time, shine on.

Tess x

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