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The Full Story is here!

The Full Story, book three in the Wholesome Hearts series, is live :)

I’m so excited to share my new release with you!

The Full Story has been a while coming, but it’s totally worth the wait. My editor said “Love, love, love your story!” which is high praise from her (and a relief lol).

This is book three in the Wholesome Hearts series, Have you read the first two?

Just Say Yes was published in 2018, followed quickly by Not Quite Perfect.

The Full Story started life as a 25,000 word novella and I finished writing it back in 2022. But my trusted beta reader asked me why it wasn’t a full length book. She thought there was a whole lot of story left untold, and it turned out she was right! The book has doubled in size, coming in at just over 50,000 words. Which is about the same length as books one and two and once I get the paperback sorted for this book they’ll look really lovely on my book shelf!

You can buy the eBook on Amazon now. Here’s the buy link:

Thankyou for your patience. I’m so grateful for you sticking with me. I think you’re going to love Jasmine and Eli just as much as I do. Let me know 🙂

Tess x

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