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The Full Story

A Wholesome Hearts prequel

Jasmine’s grandparents had the perfect love story and Jas is sharing it online, camouflaged as fiction. But the story is cut short when her Grandfather dies after a short illness. When the weekly flower deliveries keep arriving for Gran, Jas believes it’s a sign of his love from beyond the grave.

Then she finds out the flower deliveries are about to stop. They’re the only reason her grandmother is coping with being alone and Jas has to find a way to keep them coming.

She’ll need to overcome her shyness to ask for help from Eli, the gorgeous delivery boy who keeps her tongue tied.

And maybe she’ll get her own perfect love story into the bargain.


Releasing soon!

The events of this story take place before ‘Just Say Yes’. You may remember Jasmine and Eli were already a couple in that book. This is how their story began…

Releasing soon!