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Really enjoyed this book by Tess Mackay. Great characters and story line. Look forward to more from this author.

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It’s one little word. Repeated often. How hard can it be?

When Cassie’s mother challenges her to ‘Just Say Yes’ she’s hoping for a miracle, a chance to get her family back together. If only things were that simple.

Just Say #Yes

Yes. It’s one little word, repeated often. How hard could it be?

High Schooler Cassandra Parish has a passion for cupcakes and a secret online life. Her Cupcake4U fans love her, and that’s all that matters. Sure she’s lonely, but she doesn’t need all that judgement. Been there, done that.

When her worried mother challenges her to ‘Just Say Yes’ and get involved with life outside her Grans’ bakery she agrees, for a chance to move back to the city and reunite her separated parents. But everywhere she turns is Jack Jones, her secret crush. The closer they get, the bigger the risk to her heart. When disaster strikes she has a chance to help, but doing so involves revealing all her secrets.

She has to decide which life she really wants – real life with its constant risk of disappointment and heartbreak or the safe, but empty Insta-famous world she’s created with her cupcakes.

Tess Mackay’s Wholesome Hearts series is perfect for fans of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth.

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Just Say #Yes